Summertime Sizzle

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Cookouts. Lightning Bugs. Ice Cream. Sunflowers. Bright green grass and leaves. Sunshine. Thunderstorms. It’s the little things that make me smile.

I really do love summer but it’s become more of a challenge to enjoy it like I used to. I can’t handle the heat or humidity anymore. Before chronic pain and fatigue it was never a problem. So it’s a little frustrating when I can’t just go out and walk when I want to. The best time to go out is in the very early morning. The weather for July so far has been relatively mild but the heat and humidity are returning for the time being. That seems to be bad on my joints and muscles just like damp and cool weather.

I have had some bad days with pain the last few weeks. I’m still amazed that I can have “manageable pain” one day and can barely move the next day. I do have to remember that I need recovery time after events and plenty of downtime to recharge my batteries. I’ve ignored that at times and my body rebelled. I need to keep doing things to make life easier on myself, like prepping meals in the morning or even better: using my crock pot.

I have taken a short break from making any art as I’ve been on the couch most days and can’t stand at the counter to work on it. But I’m still thinking and planning what I want to paint next and how to start selling some of my work. I guess I’m recharging my art batteries too.

There have been some fun times this summer already like cookouts and learning how to fish. And I hope I can remember to appreciate the small things and also continue to learn new ways to enjoy the summer. For example, maybe I need to find some more things to do inside my air conditioning while I’m on the couch. (Writing is one of them.) And maybe I can start taking walks more first thing in the morning when the sun comes up so I can get more exercise in, depending on how the body feels about that. I could sit outside at the end of the day and drink a tea. I am determined to still enjoy my favorite season and make the most out of what I can. My conditions aren’t going away so the sooner I learn some things, the better off I’ll be.

What keeps you busy and sane in the summertime? Do you like the heat? Does it affect your body?